Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Stages cultivation louhan

a. Selection of Candidates for the parent can be obtained by buying or maintaining since childhood.
b. Availability of container aquarium, pond and feed
c. Choosing a healthy parent and quality, both males and females.
d. Spawning process should be part of the aquarium covered with newspaper. When you are laying their eggs are much healthier for anti-fungal with a dose of 10 ml / 100 lt water.

Feed Lou Han Fish

A. Natural feed.
Many kinds of natural food such as brine, water fleas, worms, hair worms, blood worms (blood worms), small fish and tiny shrimp.
B. Artificial feed.
For artificial feeding should be considered nutritional elements contained among other things:
a. Protein.
b. Fat.
c. Carbohydrates.
d. Vitamins + minerals
Form feed should be adjusted to the shape and size of the fish's mouth include:
- Forms of emulsion.
- Suspension
- Flour
- Slabs
- Pellets